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What if the Horse Transitions to the Canter and Gallops Around the Ring?

    Canter Series # 13 Excerpts from Book Four

   This is sometimes the reaction of a Thoroughbred that you are trying to re-school off the tracks.  With a horse that races in the canter, canter around the ring  once and come back to the walk, change direction and canter on the other lead.  This is called doubling.  As you double back and change the direction each time you canter, he will slow down and starting thinking about his work instead of running.  Your horse will think you are in control because you keep asking him to change direction.  It is a gentle way of taking control.  This helps the horse to balance and to stay with the relaxation you have already created in him.  He soon learns he isn’t on a racing track, but that as soon as he gets going he will be asked to stop and change direction.  This prevents the horse form setting his sites on the gallop.  Work in this way as long as needed.  If the horse fights the down transition then you can incorporate treats into your routine to change his way of thinking.  Each time you transition down; give the horse a treat so he anticipates the transition.  This changes his mind set so that the galloping is not as enjoyable as the stopping.  The Training Level tests are where the canter begins and the exercises in these tests are great for your horse to learn because they are of short duration.

We are a breding barn and have started hundred and four horses under saddle with great success, let us know if this works for you, or if you have difficulties.


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