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Series # 4

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Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater  2010  Series # 3

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Isaaac Royal Equestrian Theater 2010  Series # 2

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Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater 2010   series # 1
At Liberty

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Left to right: Top row:  Carolyn Rose (director)  Beth Ann Regaglia, Morgan Smith, Lydia Rose, Pam Catell, Caitlin Britilli, Sandra Beaulieu, Robin Britilli.  Second row: Marjorie Kasten, Eden Preble, Nellie Myers, Kaylee Clark,  Angela Bonacasa, Chelsea Nichols, Wendy Graves.

The theater was a smashing success as horse and girl (Lydia Rose) brought the audience to tears as they connected to the music and worked at liberty.

The flag girls, galloping through the arena, horse and riders with swords ride to the pirates music, as swash buckling girl sword fighters, fight amidst the sword fighting riders that creates choreographed mayhem to each note.  Our audience gasped, at the danger before them. 

The mare and foal rode to a piece from spirit, a man marveled at how well the foal knew his music.  A great time was had by all. 

We are back to the drawing board with plans for our spring performance.  Check our website www.isaacroyalfarm.com for upcoming events.

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An Evening of Enchantment

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Sandra Beaulieu and Lydia rose performed at the Center Theater this past weekend.    They are the head trainers at Isaac Royal Farm, riding, training and showing horses.  What barn has head trainers who look like this and dance professionally, perform with their own dance troop, called Pegasus Dancers  in theater.  We are blessed here at Isaac Royal Farm to have such a talented staff.  Both girls are artists as well.  The theater hosted an art show, showcasing their art along with  Morgan Smith

 Morgan Smith plays in a band, called Harmony Hill.   She performs playing the guitar and mandolin, and is one of the lead singers.  She also plays and sings in her father’s band.  Morgan is also a talented dancer, artist and dressage rider. 

 Also among us is Angela Bonacassa, who is a play director and fight choreographer.   Currently she is directing the play “Harvey”, which has opened at the Belfast Maskers Theater, and will be running this week through Sunday and May 6-9th.  She rides dressage on Tonka, and will be showing him second level this summer.

 All of this talent comes together at Isaac Royal Farm for the Equestrian Theater.  We have great fun putting all this talent together with horses to create an enchanting evening of drama.  The Equestrian Theater dates will be posted on the website, http://www.isaacroyalfarm.com under Theater.

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Isaac Royal Farm hosted a Masquerade Ball fundraiser at the Sebec Event Center, taking a pause in the rigor of training horses for some fun and folic.  The evening began with a renaissance dance inspired by the movie, “Shakespeare in Love,” since numerous people were in Renaissance costume; it was a good way to begin.   Then music drifted to a mix.

People showed up in an array of beautiful and creative costumes.  It was a lovely evening with shades of “times gone by” with wholesome entertainment and deserts coffee and punch.  Lydia Rose and Sandra Beaulieu were the engines behind the evening as they kept everything moving with lots of energy and dance.   Lydia was dressed as an Ice Princess and Sandra was dressed as Marie Antoinette.  The flowing gowns were gorgeous to watch on the dance floor. A good time was had by all.

Our Thanks to our sponsors, Dover-True Value, Foxbrook Variety, Bob’s Hardware, Katahdin Trail Saddlery, Nor Easter Restaurant, Hubbard Brook Baskets, Center Theater, Sandra B Designs, Lydia Rose Fine Art.

Awards were given out as follows:  Go to http://www.isaacroyalfarm.com photo gallery to view photos

Best Fantasy Morgan  Smith

Most humorous Brian and Lori Smith

Most Original  Rhonda and John St John

Best Masque Julie Day

Best Couple  Wanda &John Gasrett

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